July 14, 2012


Hi, you may have noticed that my Etsy shop is on vacation until 7/20, without actually being in full vacation mode (where my entire shop would be temporarily closed).  This is my thinking: since my month-long Christmas in July Sale is in full swing, it truly wouldn't be fair to temporarily close up shop for a week and have the sale last for only three weeks.  Since there are only four full weeks this month.  You know?

 In the meantime, away from computer, I go, but not before I conclude this post with a quote that has deeply resonated with me about the intricacies of creation and interpretation, how one could never truly stand for the other:

"Works of art are complex events; their true complexity is revealed in criticism and its attempt to circumscribe the boundaries of art.  Criticism idealizes representation and consequently distances the viewer from actuality.  This is evident in the way marginalized discourse has been used to reduce complex experiences to overarching themes that relieve us of the responsibility of having to deal with the works themselves."

-Charles Gaines, from The Theater of Refusal: Black Art and Mainstream Criticism

If you are wondering what those bare-looking stalks are in the photo, they from are my Thumbelina Leigh Lavender plant.  Without the identifiably aromatic lavender buds!  Oh, the lengths I will go to for an interesting photo.

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