June 30, 2012

Shop Item Featured on Blog

And it's already Saturday.  I wasn't planning on posting today (it's a designated "quiet day" for me), but I logged into Etsy a little while ago and read a convo from funretro, letting me know that an EmeraldCut item has been featured on her blog, Vintage. Discovered and Rediscovered.  How insanely exciting is that?

The blog post's theme: unique book page finds from selected online sellers.  The entry's opening lines truly resonate with me on this cozy day, filled with reading actual books (including a textbook from the 1960s, for fun).  Here it is, copied and pasted--  

Vintage Saturdays: Book Pages

I'm a modern girl in virtually every way.  But there are a few things I need to hold on to.  Things like old books.  While I appreciate the ease and simplicity of new e-readers, I will take a book anytime.  Nothing can replace the look, feel and smell of a nice big book and if it a bit older, smellier and yellowed? Even better.

So to me nothing is more tragic than seeing an old book ruined and in the trash.  Certainly they can't all survive time, but what can be done with some of those older books that are in a state of disrepair and beyond the point of being able to be fixed?  These artists have found some ingenious ways to reuse books pages.  Even old paper can seem fresh and new when reused.

I love it; I'm secretly even more glad that people are "getting" my shop concept.  Literacy, folks--by the way of adornment and book page goods; photography.  Thanks again for featuring my shop item on your blog, funretro!  View the entire blog entry, here.


Unknown said...

What a great blog post! Or should I say two? I "loved" everything on Etsy.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed my post!! Your items are great!!

EmeraldCut said...

Thank you, ladies! :)