May 11, 2012

Thumbelina Leigh Lavender

We visited a local, independently-owned garden center/nursery this week in search for a pretty dwarf shrub, called the Thumbelina Leigh Lavender.  I was intrigued by its diminutive size (it only grows about 12" tall and 12" wide), as well as its deliciously fragrant, nearly continuous blooming nature.  However, this petite beauty requires full sun, which canceled out my initial pull for it to be an indoor plant: I could not bear to see it sitting behind a window, bathing only in filtered sunlight.  So after purchase, we transplanted the lavender shrub into a large terra cotta pot and placed it conveniently in a sunny area of our yard, where it basks in the gentle warmth of the spring sun. 

This compact plant puts a little pep in my step, 
setting in motion those olfactory and ocular nerves.

Happy Mother's Day to the mamas!

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