September 09, 2011

25% Off Back-to-School Sale Ends 9/15

This week has flown by so quickly.  I made a whole lotta new jewelry pieces (including brass necklaces, some of which have been listed for sale in my Etsy shop), for my writing: edited out of anger and frustration much more than I thought I would (for I have a difficult time parting with already-written words), and actually had some time to relax a little.  No more obsessing over Art Deco bar pins, or how my flowery words can be misinterpreted by others. 

Oh, I must get back on topic...this stream-of-consciousness writing has become almost a mainstay in my writing, embarrassingly enough.  The main point of this entry was to give the word of blog that my Etsy shop 25% off sale is extended through September 15th--the listing prices already reflect this sale, so coupon codes are not needed for this sale.  I wanted to try the tool, Etsy on Sale.  :)  Depending on how this sale goes, I will either use Etsy on Sale, or will stick with coupon codes from this point forward.

Hmm, you may wonder, with a de-ja-vu moment slowly permeating your thoughts, didn't you have a 25% off August sale?  Yes, but now my sale has morphed into a back-to-school sale.  Please just go with it; I create faster than I sell. 

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