May 21, 2011

Thank You

Dear fellow Etsians,
Thank you so much for making my 30% off "secret sale" such a success, and for supporting a (very!) small business, such as mine. I am currently away from shop until Wednesday, 5/25/11. In that time, I will remove all the "secret sale" jargon from my listed items for sale, as well as add more new items for sale--including my lovely Cascade Collection. So excited to add these new items!

I've already been thinking of how to celebrate my one-year Etsy shop anniversary, which is a short six months away. Which also means that my shop has been open for a short six months. Yes, I'm a planner, but one who loves the spontaneity of a nice thank you gesture. What would you like to see as a thank you gesture for my one-year Etsy shop anniversary? Here are my ideas: 1. A REALLY NICE giveaway/free gift, 2. A super discount via a coupon code, or 3. Free shipping on all orders.

An even CLOSER milestone is my 100th sale, which is coming up in a mere fourteen more sales! In honor of hitting the centenarian mark, there will be a special gift for the buyer of this 100th sale. More details will be divulged once I get the particulars in place.



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