May 05, 2011

My Shop/Jewelry Philosophy

I was re-reading my Etsy Policies page, and my Shop Announcement earlier tonight, and realized that the information contained within those two areas are so lengthy, yet do not fully encompass my entire shop and jewelry philosophy.  To my amazement, I found that I had MORE to say about the process rather than the actual outcome (jewelry).  So here is my "MORE to say":

~ I research the materials used in my creations because I want to be knowledgeable about the materials that I use.  Also, I want my customers to know exactly what they are purchasing--this aspect of retail is very important to me.

~ I sell mainly pendants because it is more economical for the buyer, and keeps necklace chains from adding up (and tangling up) in your collection.  Less mining (environmental impact), too. 

~ I mull over designs (even the seemingly simple ones!) for a day--sometimes up to a week or longer--depending on how content I am with its design.  I would rather stare at an unmade stone(s), rather than create a piece of jewelry from it ASAP if my creative thought process has not completely run its course.

~ Idea catcher: Numerous pieces of unbound scratch paper, which are scribbled on with pen.  My ideas oftentimes flow out as images, rather than words.  But lately, words have been flowing out more freely than images have.

~ All of my brass components are both lead-free and nickel-free.  This was an important step for me to take because brass usually has lead added to it.  For those with sensitive skin, nickel-free jewelry is the way to go.  To ensure the lead-and-nickel-free content in my brass components, I have inquired about the lead and nickel content of the components prior to purchasing them.

~ I include a jump ring on each pendant to ensure that the pendant will last for years to come.  The description of each listing's item for sale is honest and thoughtful; all posted images accurately reflect the item's color, design, eccentricities, etc. in natural light.  

~ My pricing is not the lowest, but is competitive.  In my pricing, I take into account global price fluctuations in silver--as well as increases in USPS first-class mail rates and US-made bubble mailers.  I try my hardest to purchase items that are made in the USA, due to the US's strict regulations on non-healthy, chemical additives (and to keep jobs from being outsourced to other countries in this economic recession).

~I am grateful for each sale that I make, and treat each buyer as an individual.  I was in retail for nearly a decade prior to opening up my shop, and this is what I have learned: quality and honesty are the best policies.  A complimentary gift per purchase, and keeping the buyer up-to-date with when their package will ship, is the least that I can do to say thank you.

This is my shop manifesto.  For those who read this blog, please convo me the phrase, "SHOPMANIFESTO," at the time of purchase, and I will take 30% off most items* (excluding shipping) from my shop through May 20th.  *Your refund will be done via PayPal--coupon codes CANNOT be used with this offer.  Offer does not apply to "HELP JAPAN" items and gift certificates.*

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A nostalgic Treasury by PopPopPhotography that features my Gothic Victorian Drop Brass Pendant:

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