April 26, 2011

New Items: Brass Setting Pendants

I am currently "test driving" (by wearing them) the brass pendants shown in my previous blog for durability, and so far, I love them!  By doing this before I create more of these pendants to sell in my shop, I can carry out a (sort of) quality control move on my part.  The stones in the 10x8mm brass ox lace-edge bezel cups are fancy jasper cabochons--which I currently have in assorted colors--and the stone in the large 18mm brass setting is a lemon chrysoprase cabochon (I have one more lemon chrysoprase left).

We've decided that the lace-edge bezel pendants would look nicer with the traditional, upright oval shape, rather than the horizontal oval shape that I've created below.  Therefore, the shop offerings of this pendant will be upright oval in shape.  I will keep the silver-plated copper connecting wire between the bezel and the jump ring, so that the pendants can be worn with a sterling silver chain--more versatility.

Also, I love how the brass ox setting complements the warm color of the fancy jasper cabochon!

Here are some other brass setting pendants that I've been working on:

The brass settings are the same as the ones with the stone cabochons shown in my last few blog posts, but the images are from actual photographs, well, actually ONE 4x6 photograph!  Very abstract and lovely.  I've meticulously hand-cut each circle and oval shape with a pair of scissors--these pendants are currently a work-in-progress.

I am so excited by the possibilities of working with different mediums (in these cases, brass settings with stone or photographs), and experimenting with my numerous ideas!

Disclaimer: Please do not use any information from this blog without first asking permission.  Thank you.

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