April 16, 2011

Favorite Jewelry Specs., New Items

I'm amazed at how technical my brain is sometimes, amid the intense jewelry/collage making and the creative writing tendencies.  I've taken a few online quizzes on right-brain and left-brain dominance, and on each quiz, I've incurred an equal 50/50.  So puzzling.  As an ode to my seemingly equal left-right side brain dominance, here are my favorite jewelry-making specifications (jewelry making =  creative, lists and specific "tools" = technical):

-5mm closed jump rings (20 gauge and under)
-22 gauge wire
-3mm wide rings with 1mm thickness
-Nugget stones (faceted is good)
-Pebble stones
-Slab stones (faceted is good)
-10mm+ stone briolettes

Basically, I like my jewelry sturdy.  I try to keep with this clean aesthetic in my jewelry creations, too.  But sometimes a girl likes dainty items, too. 

-- - - - -------  - --  - - ----- - -- - - --- --  -- ------ - - -- - -- ------ --- - - - - - ------- -- -- - - -  -------- -- - -- -  ----

   The creative bug has bit me again--this time, I gave in to its pleas like a woman on a mission.  I've been researching like crazy this past week for new items to create and add to my shop.  And I found some great versatile items that, I think, will add a new dimension to my shop.  I'm very excited for the new supplies arrive sometime soon, and am so eager to begin working on them!  I'm buzzing around with a hopeful creative energy, which turns into a lyrical dance when my husband puts on a Madonna or Michael Jackson CD.  I'm a little nervous, as well, for change is not always easy.  However, it's been a good week--I hope that the new items will reflect my reinvigorated optimistic creativity. 

Here are some new items that I added to my shop today:

Lapis Lazuli Chandelier Pendant

Drops of Sunshine--AA Citrine Rondelle Earrings


Pink Opal Nugget Trio Pendant


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