March 02, 2011

These Are a Few of my Favorite Etsy Things...

I admire many items on Etsy, and in turn, admire the craft of Etsy's artisans.  Here are a few of my favorite Etsy items, and a little bit of why I swoon at the mere sight of them.

So unique, yet elegant and simple.  Great shop.


Collages aren't easy to make, in my opinion.  They force you to look deeply inward and reflect.  This seller is so sweet and honest.

putting down roots. (celebrate me home.)

Beautiful stones, uniquely classic designs.  I own one of her rings, and she was so FRIENDLY and answered all of my questions with kindness.  So upbeat and optimistic...she's great!

14k White Gold and Green Amethyst Cushion Ring

These next two designs are so intricate and LUSH that I could melt into them and be in necklace heaven.  You can really see (and feel) the time she took to gingerly create these pieces.  The positivity that these pieces evoke is amazing.

Passion Lotus Necklace, Sterling Silver, Rhodolite Garnet, Amethyst, Whiskey Quartz, by Blue Scarab Jewelry


Eternal Sunshine Necklace, Organic Hammered Lemon Quartz, Oxidized Sterling Silver, by Blue Scarab Jewelry

I love these rings as if they were my wedding band stack.  Great seller, organic and sturdy items; rustic and beautiful, too!

Dot - Dash - Dot Sterling Silver Stacking Rings

This green sapphire glows innately, and this subtle energy radiates outward.  A beautiful green, almost pearl-like in its striations. 

Rose Cut Green Sapphire In 14K Gold

Sparkly and pale purple--what else would be a better color combination?  This shop has such a large variety of cool stones.  I could spend hours in this shop just staring at the various ones for sale! 

Lavender Aventurine

I love fish, so when I saw these air plants in fish bowls, I got very giddy.

Small Fish Bowl Terrarium // Air Plant with Adornments

Very cool and commemorative concept.  One of the best success stories on Etsy, in my opinion.  Beautiful, sparse, meaningful.  I love nearly anything customizable and unique, and this shop definitely fits into that category.  I also love the solitaire in the picture.  :)

TWO BRANCHES ONE TREE Ring Bearer Bowl (TM) with gold leaf edge- the modern heirloom from Paloma's Nest

Earthy and just so beautiful to behold.  This lovely necklace is a supreme example of how rustic IS just as beautiful as traditional and modern.

Romance Necklace with Citrine and Hessonite Garnet


I've recently joined the Etsy team, "Night Owls of Etsy," and have been featured in a "Night Owls of Etsy Finds" Treasury, by BonaFideChic!  It's highly gorgeous and retro--check it out!

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