February 09, 2011

The Wind

I currently have beautiful decoupage gift boxes for sale in my Etsy shop but I have an instinctive urge to create some decoupage collages to sell, too.  I love merging images and molding my own from available resources!  My box of magazine images are currently sitting on the bookshelf, slowly and painfully collecting dust, pleading with me to get back into collaging.  I feel the pain, as I try to avert my gaze from this particular bookshelf, but my gaze holds steady.

Pink Lady Kraft Decoupage Box

Flower Mama Kraft Decoupage Box

Love is More Than Words Kraft Decoupage Box

Urban Art Kraft Decoupage Box

My Pink Castle Kraft Decoupage Box

Oh Dolly Kraft Decoupage Box

My mind works in strange ways, moving like the wind blowing through the canyon, urging me to create.  I will try add collages to my shop in the near future! 

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